What Writers Should Expect

October 14, 2009 at 10:21 am (Writing Ranting)

Yesterday I received word back from one of the publishers I’ve been waiting on (no not the main one; not yet – they’ve now had the full manuscript five and a half months).

I’m well aware that any publisher who I don’t have a personal connection to is going to send me a form rejection, no matter how close they come to accepting my book. This rejection was unusual because they replied by email (presumably because I’d gently nudged them about their lateness and my self-promotion via email).

It was also unusual because they didn’t bother actually sending it in the body of the email. The body of the email was completely blank. The rejection letter was an attachment – called “Rejection letter – kids”. It made me laugh out loud to be so streamlined. The letter itself was eerily familiar.

Here is what it said (with their picture and name and details at top and bottom):

Dear Ms. Bloomfield,

                        RE: [name of my book]

Thank you for sending your proposal to [publisher name] for our consideration.

Our editors have now considered the material and unfortunately we don’t feel that it is suitable for our publishing program. It is with regret that we decline your offer of publication.

We wish you every success in placing this manuscript with another publisher.

 Yours sincerely

 For the Children’s Submissions Editor


And that’s that. I have one last chance to get a publication contract this year, and I sometimes just wish they’d hurry up and reject the darn thing.

Two more good chances for early next year, though. . .

My honest advice to anyone who’s been writing less than five years full-time remains a single word: Don’t.

If that just makes you go straight to your computer and write, then you might have the necessary mentality to keep going until you get somewhere. But probably not.


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