September 30, 2009 at 12:04 am (Mental illness, Writing Ranting)

I still haven’t heard back from either of the publishers who are late replying to my full manuscripts. But I came up with a cunning plan. The main one has book 1 of my young adult trilogy, and gave me an excellent critique of my children’s trilogy book 1 (“The Monster Apprentice”) earlier this year.

This week is school holidays, and suddenly there’s all this space in my head (that doesn’t sound QUITE right. . . ) so I’ve been launching a second major attack on “The Monster Apprentice”.

I realised that (a) it’s really quite good since my first post-critique attack some months ago (b) I should hit the publisher while they’re indecisive (rather than, say, immediately AFTER they reject one of my books).

So I emailed them today to offer them another look at “The Monster Apprentice” – and they said, “Yes, please.”

This is basically the interview stage – only the top 5% or so of unsolicited manuscripts are read in full. (The fact that I’ve been read in full almost twenty times is evidence of. . . something.)

So now I’m all nervous. But it’s fun, motivational nerves. And I’m proud of my cunning timing.

PS A friend pointed out to me on Monday that, while extolling the value of drugs, I failed to mention that the drugs I’m on are MEDICINAL. Zoloft, to be specific.

Kids, don’t do drugs. At least, not the BAD kind.


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