September 20, 2009 at 2:19 am (Mental illness, Writing Ranting)

Okay, still haven’t heard back from any of the three publishers that have full manuscripts of mine right now. Two of them are now on “any day now” status.

I know I mentioned at least one by name in previous posts. That wasn’t a “name and shame” thing, it was simply information for other writers about what the query process always involves (waiting, then more waiting). My two favourite publishers are Allen & Unwin and Harper Collins, because both have given me free editorial advice (which is VERY rare, mainly because quite a few egomaniac authors insist on flaming anyone that dares say their book isn’t perfect).

Now obviously two of my current potential publishers are deeply late. Yes it makes me angry and freaks me out (did I mention I’m mentally ill?), but the rational bits of me understand that the reason they’re late is because they’re seriously considering my work – which is very brave of them, since (a) most of the world has no clue who I am, (b) I’ve approached them more or less off the street (via a competition in Harper Collins’ case), and (c) the likelihood is that even if they say yes to me they’ll end up making a loss overall (not because my books are bad, but because that’s a statistical fact).

I sent a gentle reminder email to one a couple of weeks ago, and not only did they reply that day, they replied (and were therefore still clearly at work) at 9pm at night.

Publishers – every single one I’ve ever dealt with – deserve all the pity and all the praise they get (and none of the spite, hate mail, or suspicion).

They are always late – always (unless your book is a terribly easy “no” decision) – because they are massively overworked, and because they care about doing a difficult job right.


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