Horror Story

September 16, 2009 at 12:15 pm (Free story)


I don’t write horror much (mostly because it freaks me out), but one  of my best horror stories is podcast here http://pseudopod.org/2009/08/28/pseudopod-157-wave-goodbye/

WARNING: unsuitable for most children. Supernatural themes/horror.

And here’s another picture of my cat. Because I’m pretty sure she’s the best thing about this blog right now.

Ooh, that nap made me sleepy

Ooh, that nap made me sleepy



  1. Ben (Crispin) said,

    I am now going to compliment you in a round-about fashion…

    The fact that you say that Horror freaks you out seems to suggest rather strongly that you haven’t read much of it.
    Horror is a pretty hilariously dismal field.

    When I was young, my Mother believed everything conceivably associated with Horror to be the work of Satan and his many dark, dark angels (and, indeed, still does). Consequently, I read almost nothing in the field until my late teens.
    I was disappointed.
    The ‘Classics’ (Frankenstein, Dracula, Jekyll&Hyde, etc.) really aren’t at all scary – though Frankenstein is actually really deep and Dracula is often unintentionally funny.
    Stephen King is boring, Clive Barker makes me giggle, Dean Koontz looks so breathtakingly untalented that I’ve never actually managed to bring myself to read anything that he’s written.

    In my methodical examination of the history of the field, I discovered that the older authors are better – Poe has passable moments, M.R. James, Arthur Machen, and Algernon Blackwood manage to be both delightfully quaint and excellent at low-key creepiness, H.P. Lovecraft and William Hope Hodgson at least have an interestingly metaphysical vibe to their writing, and Lord Dunsay is so naive that he’s charming.
    But, in general, I can only recall one or (at the most) two things that I’ve ever read that struck me as at all disturbing.

    One of those – and almost certainly the most disturbing by far – was your ‘Clockwork Children’ story.
    It might have something to do with the way that you described all of my most horrific childhood nightmares with an astounding degree of detail (dismemberment and people wandering about afterwards was a HUGE feature of my dreams under the age of eight – something which may or may not explain things about me now…)
    But, whatever the reason, Dear God is that story FREAKING CREEPY!

    So I think basically what I’m trying to say is that you are a seriously, seriously creepy person and that I’m a little bit afraid of you…

    See? Compliment.

    • felicitybloomfield said,


      Thank you/sorry.

      In my opinion, “Wave Goodbye” is on the same level as “Clockwork Children”. They both scare me – although “Wave Goodbye” taps into my own not-so-secret fears.

  2. Ann said,

    I can’t believe you think that the cat is the best bit of your blog! While cute (in a cat sort of way), it is the engaging commentary that makes them more than just a pretty picture.

    A cat is just a cat when all is said and done!


    • felicitybloomfield said,

      Arg! Humour fail. I do recollect a few people verging on hero-worship for my mix of honesty and positivity about being a mental. But I tried so hard not to mention my cats that when I did, the catness flowed without ceasing 🙂

  3. Ben (Crispin) said,

    Well, it’s THE INTERNET!
    It’s ALL about cats…

  4. felicitybloomfield said,

    Ben, I don’t think you’re visiting the same sites as the rest of us*

    *are definitely NOT EVER visiting. Ever.

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