Chucking a Sickie

September 9, 2009 at 10:52 pm (Mental illness)

I don’t like staying home like a scared little kitty – but I can see the up side. Jealous, anyone?

Today I’ll be eating lollies, reading books, and recovering from a monster week (not that it’s over yet, but I’ve cancelled most of my work for the rest of this week).

It’s never good when I try to do too much. I get angry, violent, uncoordinated and incoherant. Also I cry. My mental-management skills are improved to the point where I almost never cry in front of people, but just save it up until I can go home (or at least into another room). Still, that just leaves me crying at home, which isn’t quite the effect I’m aiming for.

So: books, candy, and a long stretch at home with almost nothing to do. If it was something I’d actually chosen for myself, it’d be perfect. And who gets perfection, anyway?

Okay, SHE is perfection.

Okay, SHE is perfection.


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