Fifty Grams: Report

August 28, 2009 at 1:48 am (general life)

Today is day 50 of my fifty-day candy-moderation plan. The rule was that I could eat only fifty grams of chocolate a day (or 100grams of other lollies). I have just one mentos left and I’ll have eaten my full quota for today (give it 30 seconds). More importantly, I have a significant pile of lollies and chocolate in my drawer ready for tomorrow (I’ll have about ten days off to go nuts, then I’ll embark on a slightly stricter fifty days).

Overall I’d call it a success – despite a rather stressful couple of months, I’ve lost a kilo and a half. (Instead of, say, gaining five kilos.) I have a higher enjoyment level with a smaller amount of candy, and I’m out of the habit of the major daily binge (200-300grams).

I still binged – I just binged on pancakes and Weight Watchers chocolate milk instead of real chocolate and lollies (which is why I didn’t lost 5 kilos, as I originally hoped). So I’ll restrict those things next fifty days, and try and binge on fruit and nuts instead.

The theory is that slow change can be maintained. That theory has been supported by the evidence.


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