Smart Arse

August 25, 2009 at 12:39 am (Writing Ranting)

I sent the fart book away on Sunday, after getting a final check by my partner (who chuckled several times, and laughed outright at least twice).

The good thing about writing a 7000-word book is that you just send the whole thing (rather than the first three chapters). So that cuts the response time in half. I’ll probably hear back in about March next year.

Yesterday’s school was great. It was the last school I had lined up (it’s possible others are just slow on the uptake, but it’s probably my last school), and definitely the best for me. I think about 15 people have already joined me on twitter since then, and I bet there’ll be more later. I’m perilously close to having 200 followers.

The fart book send-off absolutely lifted my mood, as did that final school (it is absolutely devastating to work hard for no result whatsoever).

And I’m delighted to have ideas percolating for the next twittertale. When I mentioned the basic plot in a class yesterday, they practically cheered. I hesitate to write something that isn’t 100% original in concept, but I think it’ll be hugely entertaining.


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