A Time to Fart

August 22, 2009 at 1:07 am (Mental illness, Uncategorized, Writing Ranting)

I know, I know – I promised I wouldn’t touch my fart book for two months.

It’s been one month today, and I plan to attack it wildly this weekend, then get my partner to critique it (I saved him for last – he’s never read it), and probably send it off on Monday.

My excuses are:

1) Half my publishable books are under construction at the moment, and “Farting my ABCs” only needs a quick polish and it can be out in the slushpile where they all belong.

2) A month is SORT OF like two months. . . right?

3) With all the promotional stuff I’m doing, the goal is to get publishers to approach me, saying, “I’ve seen you in the papers and heard about you on the radio. Somebody said you had written a book?” Since Penguin is Australia’s slowest reader, it seems a head start would be handy, so instead of responding, “Yes. Here you go.” I can respond, “Yes. It’s been on your slush pile for six months now, so has probably already passed a few links up the chain. Enjoy!”

Tenuous, I know. Yesterday’s school visit was the most likely to yield twitter-shaped fruit. It didn’t. I still have other avenues and other schools, and the magic of time (I’m running a competition for that school, which will probably get me a few followers eventually), but it was a day of hard work for absolutely no pay of any kind.

Another one.

So today, I’m going to channel my false hopes in a newer, shinier direction.



  1. Rohan said,

    Just a thought: What age schoolkids are you teaching? Are they old enough to be interested in Twitter? I’m guessing (off the top of my head) that interest in facebook would start around high school, and I suspect that Twitter is aimed at an older crowd again. Not sure what to do about it, but worth pondering.


  2. Paige said,

    Fart book, that is cool!

  3. felicitybloomfield said,

    I think high school/college kids are perfect for twitter. Probably uni people even more so, but that’s not an avenue that’s open to me.

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