August 19, 2009 at 11:47 pm (Mental illness)

It’s taking me a long time to recover from the nannying. The nannying went fine, but I’m certainly reminded of why I don’t work full-time.

Yesterday I took half a zoloft. Drugs are marvellous (except for two things: They cause weight gain, and they are incredibly difficult to stop taking).

I’ve noticed I always feel great the day AFTER taking a pill, so today should be good.

Every so often I feel guilty for not just taking drugs all the time – I guarantee they make me a better person (and by ‘better’ what I actually mean is ‘more like myself’ – it’s just SO easy to think straight when I take them, instead of having to FIGURE OUT that my husband doesn’t despise me, or whatever the issue of the day is). But my aim is to one day get better, and that means drug-free. So they’d cause me problems eventually (last time it took me twelve months to get off them, with plenty of annoying side effects along the way). Plus they give me a secret weapon when things are harder than usual.


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