Sugar and Sauce

August 14, 2009 at 8:03 am (Uncategorized)

If I exercise tomorrow, I’m back on track for exercise (according to my “Fifty Grams” plan). If I eat 30 grams or less of chocolate tomorrow, I’m back on track for chocolate consumption. I’m not actually losing weight, but at least I haven’t failed my plan. At the moment, that’s enough. I have a stronger beginning-point when I get more serious about weight loss.

Today was a long day, preceded by a long fortnight. I had three red tags today (red for dangerous levels of emotion). Usually one is pushing it.

Tag 1 was my last day as nanny. One kid refused to go to school, the other dawdled slightly. I resisted urges toward violence (successfully) but should have threatened Kid 1 with his mother’s displeasure. Mark: D+

Tag 2 was a schmoozefest – or, as some people call it, a “networking” lunch. I behaved well socially and found two new lines of networking to follow, but didn’t gain any twitter followers. Mark: B

Tag 3 was a new tutoring job – that just always freaks me out. It went great, though I probably helped a little TOO much with the assignment. Mark: A-

Came home and immediately began drinking creme de menthe. It might not taste good, but it has sugar, alcohol and colouring. Bring it on.


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