August 9, 2009 at 7:44 am (Uncategorized)

Hm. I’m still garnering new twitter followers, but I’m forced to conclude that last week’s frenetic teaching failed to have any significant positive impact. Eleven hours of work (roughly double what I usually do in a week), for (probably) not a single extra follower.

Today I linked to various other young adult author’s blogs – and linked them back to with reviews. Another long shot.

I think I have one magic weapon left – teaching older kids. I should be able to hit at least three or four schools. If that fails, then. . . well, we’ll see.

A lot of my plans are a slow burn and/or a wide spread – blogs, facebook, critique groups, Youtube (about 100 hits so far, which seems pretty good), community news sites, etc. The theory is that if I knock on enough doors, some will open. The other theory is that this whole thing is like pushing a rock over a mountain – once I get to the top, it suddenly gets VERY easy. But I may never reach the top.

Still working. *shrug* There’s no way of telling how this will end. It all depends on whether people tell their friends about the story, I think.



  1. Rohan said,

    I have heard that with marketing efforts you need to give them a minimum of three months before judging them. Most people will have to hear about you a few times before they’ll reach the point of thinking “I keep seeing her stuff everywhere, I better check it out.” Very much the “rock over the mountain” thing. Good luck!

  2. felicitybloomfield said,

    Thanks Rohan. There’s a TINY disadvantage in that the story only runs for two months – but I can easily write more stories if things seem to be working at all (which they are). Whatever happens, it’s already SOMETHING to say to publishers: I am visible online. These days, that’s necessary. I just happen to enjoy it.

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