Miss Piggy you fiend!

July 23, 2009 at 3:11 am (Uncategorized)

Pretty sure my husband and I both have swine flu. It’s pretty bad, but kinda fun being part of a pandemic. I’m almost completely over it – just a faint lingering headache, and a feeling like a bruise right on my left cheekbone. Plus I feel like I have toothache – so much so that I had a dentist check it out. The husband is just getting started, so we’re actually giving him medication (just to be different).

Warning: if you get swine flu, don’t bother going to the dentist.

For those still panicking – don’t. It’s just another flu – if you’re 100 years old with emphysema, or you’re pregnant, you should be concerned. Otherwise, don’t be.

Today I received my fifth manuscript recommendation from a professional assessor (for the fart book). That’s five different assessors and five different books. Yay me.

Now all I need is a market. Which is where twitter comes in. I’ve just discovered that if people go to 

http://twitter.com/Louise_Curtis_ (include the underline at the end – I can’t seem to work the cut and paste properly)  and press the big green ‘join’ button, I automatically get followed. Excellent!

Join me, my pretties. . . It’s crucial I get lots of followers.

Lots of followers

= media event


=publication (Harper Collins is replying to my book early next month! Will they say yes? Will twitter make all the difference? Follow me on twitter and find out!)

Felicity/Louise Curtis



  1. Rohan said,

    One small thing – you missed the last _ on the link to twitter. And awesome to hear you’re in the times, is there an online version of the article?

    • felicitybloomfield said,

      Fixed (I think).


  2. Paige said,

    I heard, from another person with the oink oink cootie, that navy beans with pork works better then chicken soup

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