In my head

July 21, 2009 at 2:22 am (Uncategorized)

Can’t sleep. Can’t sit still. Hands shaking. Locked keys in car. Got my name and gender incorrect. Throbbing headache.

This is what hypergraphic mania looks like.

And in many ways it’s kinda fun. I’m getting HEAPS done (it HURTS my head – I swear I can feel the thoughts marching across my left cheekbone).

My mental illness is pretty minor, especially the bipolar bit of it. I can think and talk rationally, though I’m somewhat distracted and it’s very difficult to listen to anything anyone else has to say (“Oh, and how is that different?” from the chorus). I know I’m going to crash, so I plan for it – saving up my chocolate quote for when I need it to stay awake/civil/at work.

It’s all gonna be juuuuust fiiiiiine.

Eating pancakes now. Yum.


1 Comment

  1. Ann said,

    mmmmmm…… pancakes………

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