July 18, 2009 at 4:26 am (Free story, Writing Ranting)

I’ll be writing a brand new “novel” – this one about 2000 words (2 months) – just for twitter. Twitter is a unique phenomenon, and no author has become known through twitter – yet. It’ll feature Salty (now called ‘Sol’) and her much-abused first mate. The blog for it is here:




  1. Rohan said,

    Sounds like a cool idea 🙂 You might like to check out Isabel who also writes and hangs out on twitter:


  2. Ben (Crispin) said,

    So how is this going to work?
    Are you going to post it one sentence at a time? Will every sentence end with a cliffhanger to ensure return visits?

    Day 1:
    ‘It was a calm, bright day – UNTIL THE EXPLOSION TORE OPEN HEAVEN AND EARTH!!!’

    Day 2:
    ‘But, before that, a small child stood in a marketplace – OF ZOMBIES!!!’

    Day 3:
    ‘”Zombies aren’t in as much demand since the economic downturn” sighed the careworn shopkeeper, unaware of the rapidly approaching DEATHSQUAD OF TRAINED MONKEY NINJAS!!!’

    Day 4:
    ‘”Neither are deathsquads of trained monkey ninjas” added the monkey ninja salesman as he pushed his dilapidated cart up the dusty street, never once realising that, even then, HE WAS BEING WATCHED!!!’…

  3. Ann said,

    Are we meant to be helping gather the mob? I don’t know whether they’d turn up in pirate costume, but I know quite a few people who would probably come along just to laugh…….

    Unfortunately, I will be in Brisbane, so someone need to take heaps of photos so I can pretend to be there….

  4. FelicityBloomfield said,

    Gather gather gather! I’ll send you a minion-mail with info.

    Since it’s meant to be a FLASHmob, the costumes will ideally be able to appear and disappear (eg a 3-cornered hat/fake alcohol bottle*/eyepatch that can be whipped on and off, and hidden in a bag).

    *Yep, fake. Sorry 🙂 Apple juice only in those rum bottles, people!

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