July 16, 2009 at 12:48 pm (Mental illness, Uncategorized)

According to my certificate (which makes me certified insane) I have anxiety and depression. I almost always disagree with the depression part – I think I have rational reasons to be unhappy a lot of the time (namely, my anxiety – and things not going swimmingly on the novel-writing front).

When things are worse than usual, my reaction is not to curl up and vanish into an emotionless existence. It’s anger. I MUCH prefer anger. It’s an active emotion, and therefore often a helpful one. Unfortunately this means I’m angry pretty much all the time – at my SO, at anyone driving on my road when I’m in my car, at my students (some of whom are as young as eight).

My basic strategy is to recognise I’m really angry at myself. (Of course, there are certain limitations to constant self-loathing. . .) I deal with THAT by expressing my anger – with chocolate. It’s a (relatively) benevolent form of self-harm, and it gets me through most days.

So right now, on limited chocolate intake, I’m a nasty person to be around.



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