To Look Forward To

July 9, 2009 at 7:25 am (Writing Ranting)

Book 2 of my kids’ trilogy is all converted to first person, and the beginning is rewritten entirely.

The fart book is reworked for a younger audience, and sent to a manuscript assessor. (Quicker than the planned schedule, but I promise to have a two-month break from it later on.)

So here’s what I’m currently waiting for, in estimated chronological order:

Any day now: group certificates for me and my partner, and then money (probably), yay!

One week from now: the fart book critique

Any day/1-3 months: Ilura Press responds to the opening of my realist novel (it’s been there three months)

1-3 months: Harper Collins responds to my YA novel (it’s been there 2 and a half months)

3-5 months: Random House responds to my kids’ novel (“Waking Dead Mountain”) – it’s been there 2 months



  1. FelicityBloomfield said,

    We got my partner’s group certificate today, so after four hours of me screaming, crying, and $60 of internet usage, his tax is lodged online (I strongly doubt it’s the least bit correct, but oh well – the sad thing is that I’m better at this stuff than my partner is). I estimate it’ll be about half what I originally thought – and 1/6th what I hoped for.

    But still handy.

  2. FelicityBloomfield said,

    Received and lodged my tax stuff today – I should get between $40 and $87. How thrilling.

    I will probably get my fart book back tomorrow, yay! But then it’s editing, waiting two months, editing, and sending – and then it’ll take up to 12 months to get a reply.

    On August 20 (or so) the shortlist for the text young adult prize will be announced. It’s an extremely long shot, but I’m in there.

    It’s the 15th of July today, which means my waiting time is slightly less. So now:

    Ilura Press has had a novel opening 3.5 months (which means if I completely snap I can call and poke them, but it’s best if I don’t – particularly since they don’t give an estimated time for reply).

    Harper Collins has had a full novel 2.5 months.

    Random House has had a full novel 2 months.

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